The NDIS is for people with disability. The aim of the scheme is for people with disability to get a package of supports and services to meet their needs, and have control and choice about the supports and services they get. 

You can use information on these pages when applying for the NDIS or when you have a problem with the NDIS.


What help is available?

If you have a problem with the NDIS you may want to raise an issue with the NDIA on your own, and tell them what you want to happen. This is known as self-advocating.

If you are happy to self- advocate you can still ask someone for support when you need it. For example, you might want someone to come to a meeting with you. 

When someone speaks to an organisation like the NDIA for you, they are advocating for you. You can ask friends or family to advocate for you. You may want someone else who you know to advocate for you, like an advocate from PWDA. 

You should not ask someone who could gain money from your NDIS plan to advocate for you. This could be someone who is paid to clean your house or do your shopping. Instead you could ask them where to get advocacy support and for information about self-advocating.

You can ask someone who will not gain money from your NDIS plan to advocate for you. This could be a PWDA advocate, an advocate from another organisation or someone else you trust.


For advocacy support from PWDA:

Call 02 9370 3100

Toll Free 1800 422 015

TTY Toll Free on 1800 422 016

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download information leaflet (Word)