People with disability living in licensed and unlicensed boarding houses face numerous human rights violations, largely due to the out-dated legislative, policy and practice frameworks which govern these forms of accommodation.

The Youth and Community Services Act 1973 (YACS Act) which provides for the regulation of licensed boarding houses accommodating two or more people with disability has been under review by the NSW Government for approximately ten years. PWDA recommends the urgent finalisation of this review.

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Advocacy Campaigns

Grand Western Lodge was a combined PWDA individual and systemic advocacy campaign focused on more than 40 adults with intellectual and psychosocial disability who were residents of “licenced premises for handicapped people” in Millthorpe, NSW between 2000 and 2011.

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This  Regulation contains obligations for boarding house owners that were previously contained in the amended Youth and Community Services Regulation 2005. The 2010 Regulation clarifies the legal obligations that proprietors need to meet in the day to day operations of licensed boarding houses. PWDA's submission to the Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) consultation overall welcomed and supported the making of regulations to ensure there is no ambiguity in compliance expectations for Licensees and Licensed Managers and for the protection of human rights of residents with disability in licensed boarding houses. This final remake of the Youth and Community Services Regulation 2010, in our view, failed to take full advantage of the opportunity to address a number of key weaknesses in the proposed Regulation which should have furthered best practice in the services provided by licensed boarding houses, improvements in prevention, detection and response to abuse and domestic violence which are highlighted in the Accommodating Violence Report (Word 632kb) and introduced requirements for regular probity checks for all staff of licensed boarding houses.

ADHC's analysis of the submissions received in relation to the RIS on the proposed Regulation is available here - Youth and Community Services (YACS) Regulation 2010: Report on responses to Regulatory Impact Statement PDF 508kb and ADHC's Summary of the YACS 2010 changes PDF 38kb

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