PWDA is part of the Australian NGO Coalition preparing for Australia’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) by the UN Human Rights Council in November 2015.  The UPR is a mechanism for the UN Human Rights Council to review the human rights records of all 193 UN Member States.  Australia was last reviewed under the UPR in January 2011.

PWDA has worked with a Disability Coordination Group to jointly prepare the section on people with disability for the Australian NGO Coalition report and Fact Sheets.  The Disability Coordination Group is made up of PWDA, the Australian Centre for Disability Law (ACDL), Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA) and Advocacy for Inclusion (AFI). 

More information on these activities is available on the website of the Human Rights Law Centre.  The Twitter hashtag for the UPR is #AusUPR

UPR Disability Coordination Group Fact Sheets on Human Rights of People with Disability 

Main Disability Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet 1 - Forced Sterilisation

Fact Sheet 2 - Indefinite Detention

Fact Sheet 3 - Involuntary Treatment

Fact Sheet 4 - Restrictive Practices

Fact Sheet 5 - Legal Capacity

Fact Sheet 6 - Violence in institutions

NGO Coalition Fact Sheets on Human Rights in Australia

To assist States, NHRIs and NGOs to participate in the upcoming Universal Periodic Review of Australia in 2015, the NGO coalition has prepared a range of thematic fact sheets, which contained more detailed information. You can click the links below to view Word Document versions of the fact sheets.

Fact Sheet 1 – Constitutional, Legislative and Institutional framework

Fact Sheet 2 – Equality & Non Discrimination

Fact Sheet 3 – Democratic Rights & Freedoms

Fact Sheet 4 – Administration of Justice

Fact Sheet 5 – Poverty

Fact Sheet 6 – Housing and Homelessness

Fact Sheet 7 – Counter-terrorism

Fact Sheet 8 – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Fact Sheet 9 – Gender Equality

Fact Sheet 10 – Disability

Fact Sheet 11 – Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Fact Sheet 12 – Children’s Rights

Fact Sheet 13 – Culturally and Linguistically Diverse People and Communities

Fact Sheet 14 – Rights of Older People

Fact Sheet 15 – Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex

Fact Sheet 16 – Prisoners

Fact Sheet 17 – Police

Fact Sheet 18 – International Assistance and Business

To view these fact sheets in a PDF format please click this link.