26 May 2017 Federal Labor calls for royal commission into institutional abuse of people with a disability - ABC News
Labor pledges royal commission into abuse of people with disabilities - Sydney Morning Herald

19 April 2017 NDIA to Appeal Disability Transport Ruling as Test Case - Pro Bono

6 April 2017
High Number of Submissions to Centrelink Debt-Recovery Senate Inquiry ‘Confidential’ - Pro Bono

28 March 2017
Disability Groups Renew Call for Abuse Royal Commission - Pro Bono

23 March 2017
Sam French meets Darren Chester MP Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Darren Chester MP - Facebook

22 March 2017
Disability Groups Unite Against Mobility Allowance Cuts - Pro Bono

22 March 2017
Big risks in NDIS rollout must be managed - Non Profit News

6 March 2017
Disability Groups Slam Govt for Scrapping Royal Commission Into Abuse - Pro Bono

3 March 2017
NDIS enrolments surging, but at what expense? - ABC

3 March 2017
NDIS enrolments back on track, but advocates warn of poor quality - ABC AM (audio only, no transcript)

3 March 2017
Over 150 people with a disability will march in Mardi Gras this year - SBS Sexuality

3 March 2017
We Have Sex Lives Too: People With A Disability Want To Be More Included This Mardi Gras - Buzzfeed

1 March 2017
Record number of people with disability to march at Mardi Gras - Star Observer

28 February 2017
#CREATING EQUALITY – Jarad McLoughlin on disability, homosexuality and belonging. - Northcott

28 February 2017
Record Number Of People WithDisability Marching In MardiGras This Saturday - Same Same

17 February 2017
Pace of NDIS rollout a cause for concern - ABC RN Breakfast (audio only)

15 February 2017
Political debate over future funding for the National Disability Insurance Scheme raises concerns - ABC PM (read transcript here)

7 February 2017
Concerns NDIS Quality and Safety Framework Forgets Majority of People With Disability - Pro Bono Australia

30 January 2017
Wake Up Call As Employment Rates For People With Disability Go ‘Backwards’- Pro Bono Australia

19 January 2017
Roll with it: why more people with disability are not employed by retailers - The Guardian
Calls for quotas to boost employment of people with a disability - ABC AM (audio only)
Victoria’s Disability Service Complaints Hit Record Levels - Non Profit News

17 January 2017
Australian Retailers Applauded for Inclusive Advertising - Pro Bono News

16 January 2017
The NDIS must not be a trade-off - Pro Bono News
Centrelink Debacle’s Affect on the Disabled Community - Radio Adelaide

6 January 2017
Sector Disappointed as NDIA Given Corporate Makeover - Pro Bono News (DPO Australia)
Disability Sector Joins Calls for a Halt to Centrelink ‘Fiasco’ - Pro Bono News

5 January 2017
Disability advocates add to calls to suspend Centrelink debt recovery system - The Guardian


30 November 2016
The hidden story of sexual abuse - Lateline ABC

14 November 2016
NDIS scheme struggling to meet participation targets - ABC AM (audio only)
National Disability Insurance Scheme struggling to meet enrolment targets, report shows - ABC

2 November 2016
NDIS problems continue despite costly investigation – Sydney Morning Herald

25 October 2016
Deaf or blind people can't serve on juries – here's why law needs to change. – SBS The Feed

23 October 2016
Centrelink asks paralysed man to prove he deserved pension – The Age

15 October 2016
ACT looking at implications of High Court Deaf juror decision. – Canberra Times

6 October 2016
Couples with Down syndrome don't need to be sterilised, they need support. – Daily Life

5 October 2016
Peak group calls for deaf juror laws – 9 News

22 August 2016
First Act of Parliament to Impact Vulnerable Australians - Probono News
Unemployed and pensioners ‘collateral damage’ in budget fight - The Echo
Cuts to Newstart clean energy supplement - ABC AM

21 August 2016
Welfare groups plead with PM: keep $4 a week payment for poorest Australians - Sydney Morning Herald

18 August 2016
Pressure mounts for answers on children with a disability in schools - Sydney Morning Herald

17 August 2016
Disability Orgs Condemn Treatment of Student ‘Locked in a Cage’ - Probono News

8 August 2016
Former carer says she was directed to tie up disabled woman - Canberra Times

2 August 2016
Why did the mass murder of 19 disabled people in Japan barely rate? - Daily Life

27 July 2016
Rio Paralympics 2016: Where is the Australian version of 'We are the Superhumans'? - Canberra Times

20 July 2016
Disability agencies call on UN to probe alleged children assaults in Australian schools - Herald Sun

12 July 2016
People With Disability Australia president moves on - Labor Herald

11 July 2016
President of People With Disability Craig Wallace Steps Down - Probono News

7 July 2016
Podcast: Is the Disability Sector NDIS Ready? - Probono News

30 June 2016
Wimbledon: Bernard Tomic under fire for 'deeply offensive' use of 'retard' in post-match conference - ABC News
NDIS rollout: huge business opportunity in $22 billion funding - Australian Financial Review
NDIS rollout begins - Radio National Breakfast

23 June 2016
Greens Move On Royal Commission into Disability Abuse - Probono News

14 June
Urgent call to address violence against people with disability - The Wire

9 June 2016
NDIS rollout in Sydney: Large disability institutions to close at last - Sydney Morning Herald

7 June 2016
Sector Concern Over Ride-Sharing Taking Over the School Bus Run - ProBono News

29 May 2016
Taxi subsidy for disabled increased from July after 16-year wait - Sydney Morning Herald

20 May 2016
Duncan Storrar: 'A line has been crossed' by media, say community leaders - The Guardian
NFPs Concerned Over Democracy - ProBono News
Politicians called on to affirm rights of Australians to engage in public debate - The World Today

3 May 2016
Budget 2016: Concerns NDIS savings fund announced in budget could become 'political football' - ABC News
Budget 2016: Don’t Fund NDIS at the Cost of Safety Net - ProBono News

27 April 2016
Disability Program Review Calls for Public Input - ProBono News

12 April 2016
Anger, frustration over government silence on disability abuse royal commission - SMH

20 March 2016
Australia’s most shocking statistic: Sexual abuse and domestic violence against women with disabilities -

18 March 2016
Job ad sparks commissioner hope among disability sector - ABC PM
People With Disabilities Beaten, Sexually Assaulted And Sedated Under ‘Epidemic Proportions' Of Violence And Abuse - Huffington Post

8 March 2016
States reject leaked NDIS proposal they say would increase federal control - The Guardian

7 March 2016
Government 'committed' to NDIS rollout - Sky News
Reprieve for NDIS Board Members - ProBono News

2 March 2016
Mardi Gras Parade: Here are 14 community floats to look out for in 2016 - Gay News Network

23 February 2016
Is it time to modernise the wheelchair access icon? - SBS

15 February 2016
Tim Wilson should be replaced by a disability commissioner: advocates – Sydney Morning Herald

11 February 2016
Avoid these unhelpful comments when your friends start a family, and what to say instead - SBS

08 February 2016
People with disabilities are welcome at Mardi Gras - SameSame

08 February 2016
People with disabilities prep for Mardi Gras – SBS

06 February 2016
Benjamin Law: How I became everything I hated, and loved it – Daily Life

28 January 2016
Wayne Swan defends NDIS funding setup amid $5bn budget hit – The Australian

28 January 2016
Labor rejects NDIS funding shortfall - SBS

21 January 2016
#SayTheWord: Why I'm reclaiming the word 'disabled' – Daily Life

10 January 2016
Disability advocates demand an end to 'slacktivism' and 'inspiration porn' – The Age


08 December 2015
Feminism and ableism: sexual violence against women with disability - Static Cling

08 December 2015
The Ever Growing, Gut-Wrenching Case For A Royal Commission Into Disability Abuse - New Matilda

02 December 2015
We need a disability abuse Royal Commission -

02 December 2015
We need to prioritise women with disability in domestic violence discussions - Daily Life

29 November 2015
Call for quotas as disabled public servant numbers fall by half in NSW - The Sydney Morning Herald

27 November 2015
We count what matters, and violence against people with disability matters - The Conversation

26 November 2015
Government leaves door open to royal commission on disability abuse - The Sydney Morning Herald

26 November 2015
Inquiry calls for royal commission into widespread institutional abuse of people with disability - ABC News

24 November 2015
Woman with disability abused for parking in disabled spot at Westfield Knox -

11 November 2015
Forget your wheelchair?: What no one with disability should ever be asked - The Age Victoria

10 November 2015
UNITED NATIONS: Serious Concerns About Human Rights Violations Against Australians with Disability - Women With Disabilities Australia

10 November 2015
North Korea And The United States Agree On Something: The Way Australia Treats Refugees Is An Issue - New Matilda

23 October 2015
Neil Mitchell defends education minister over disabled comments - 3AW 693 News Talk

17 October 2015
Homes await people with disability as John Ajaka shuts institutions - The Australian

12 October 2015
Disability Employment an Antidote to Poverty - ProBono News

21 September 2015
Disability not ignored, Turnbull insists - Aged Care Insite

21 September 2015
Malcolm Turnbull's new ministry: People with disabilities risk losing their 'voice' with loss of dedicated portfolio - The Sydney Morning Herald

17 September 2015
Disability Abuse Royal Commission Calls Get Louder - ProBono News

17 September 2015
Sector Welcomes Landmark NDIS Commitment - ProBono News

16 September 2015
What does the community think of the NDIS roll out plans? - Every Australian Counts 

16 September 2015
NDIS: Malcolm Turnbull signs agreement confirming NSW and Vic rollout - ABC PM

16 September 2015
NDIS landmark commitment in NSW and VIC welcomed - Scoop

12 September 2015
NDIS to be rolled fully out in NSW, Victoria - The Australian

10 September 2015
Cage used to restrain 10-year-old with autism in Australia school, photos show - The Telegraph

9 September 2015
Image of cage in Canberra school a 'wake-up call', says disability advocate - Canberra Times

7 September 2015
Better response needed for disability abuse survivors - The Wire

4 September 2015
NDIS delayed is NDIS denied - Open Forum

4 September 2015
Disability Sector Kept in the Dark on NDIS Shakeup - ProBono News

27 August 2015
Call for Royal Commission Into Disability Abuse - ProBono News

24 August 2015
'Dangerous' for governments to play gatekeeping role, advocates say - Canberra Times

20 August 2015
Challenging the status quo around disability in the workplace - Lexology

20 August 2015
Call for Urgent Action on Abuse of Children with Disability - ProBono Australia

20 August 2015
Disability Sector Demands PM End NDIS Speculation - ProBono News

18 August 2015
17,300 People on NDIS - ProBono News

18 August 2015
Disability backlash over NDIS delay - 9 News

4 August 2015
Survivor encourages Canberrans to detail childhood abuse before royal commission - Canberra Times

30 July 2015
It's Man v Machine at the supermarket checkout - The Sydney Morning Herald

29 July 2015
Video shows battle to get from bus to train at Edgecliff Station, as calls for elevator step up - Wentworth Courier

22 July 2015
Child sexual abuse survivor speaks out - Bendigo Advertiser

21 July 2015
Child sex abuse royal commission: Disability advocacy group raises awareness in western Victoria - ABC News

7 July 2015
Child sex abuse royal commission: Wimmera to host support forums for survivors with disabilities - ABC News

19 May 2015
NDIS Citizens' Jury Scorecard rates well - ProBono News 

13 May 2015
Disability orgs cautiously optimistic - ProBono News

27 April
New disability jobs plan from 2018 - 9 News

2 April
Welfare system faces overhaul - The Senior News

23 March
NSW state election 2015: Lewis's early intervention paved way to university - The Sydney Morning Herald

6 March
International Women's day: disability-inclusive domestic and family violence services - Keeping up with Down Syndrome NSW 

3 March 
Abuse inquiry into Victorian disability sector to reveal 'problems on a national scale' - ABC News

3 March
Disability Advocates welcome inquiries into abuse but call for national investiation - ABC News

1 March: - ABC News

25 February
Welfare reform: key stakeholders weigh in - The New Daily 

19 February
NDIS on Trial: Citizens Jurors hear from scheme participants - ABC News

18 February 
National Disability Insurance Scheme: Citizen's Jury decides whether the billions are being well spent - The Sydney Morning Herald 

17 February
NDIS Citizens' Jury to Evaluate NDIS Participation - Probono Australia

10 February
Disability groups split on new 'alliance' - Probono Australia

10 February
Outdated job service 'defeating the NDIS' - The Australian

7 February
Former commissioner says disability cuts breach UN convention - The Sydney Morning Herald

6 February
New allicance for people with disability - ProBono Australia

6 February
New alliance offers voice to people with disability - SBS

6 February 
Australian cross disability Alliance - Scoop Independent News

5 February 
Work participation among people with disability lower than 20 years ago
 - ABC

30 January
Blunder adds up to $30m DSP travel policy blow out - The Australian 


13 November
Have disability, will travel - Choice

3 November
Australian disability group submits report to UN calling for legislation against forced sterilisation The Independant UK

17 October
The Dignity of Slavery – or ‘Why My Shoes Are Cheaper at Kmart’ The Stringer

8 October 
Craig Wallace’s (“Lives Worth Living”) Testimony to Australian Senate Inquiry into “Dying with Dignity” bill Right to Life News Today

6 October
Disability Move Won’t Create Jobs ProBono News

2 October
Welfare recipients worried about budget savings ABC PM

18 September
Senate Inquiry Begins Into Income Inequality ProBono News

15 September
People With Disability Australia says rapper Kanye West should apologise for ‘handicap’ slur made during concerts Herald Sun 
'People With Disability Australia' Responds to Kanye West's "Stand Up" Demand Cambio  
Kanye West tells wheelchair-user to stand up BBC Ouch 
Agency says Kanye West needs disability awareness classes after wheelchair gaffe Examiner 
Was Kanye's wheelchair rant really that bad? No. It was worse. HolyMoly

27 August
Farewell to state care for the severely disabled Rick Morton, The Australian

27 August
Labor to block payment scheme for intellectually disabled workers Dan Harrison, SMH

27 August
PWDA joins call to reject harsh budget measures Scoop Independant News

26 August
Disability Groups Protest Payment Scheme Bill ProBono News

25 August
Senators urged to vote against payment scheme for workers with disabilities Dan Harrison SMH

15 August
Fall baby Gammy: Is Australia Disabled hostile? DPA - GoogleTranslation from German
Australia is hampered: Fall baby Gammy: Father tries tearful justification - GoogleTranslation from German

10 August
Employers fear disability wage reform will cost jobs Dan Harrison, SMH

30 July
Parliamentary Report on NDIS Released ProBono News

11 July
Opportunity of a Lifetime The Observatory

9 July
Disability advocates speak out against any slowdown of NDIS rollout SMH

4 July
Behind the labels: who is really on the disability support pension and why SMH

3 July
Disability Support Pensions ABC Overnights

30 June
Call for radical pension change for disabled SMH
Six weeks not enough time to consult on radical review of $110-billion-a-year welfare system, say groups SMH
Ramp Up's shut-down robs us of a voice on disability issues The Conversation

29 June
Support agencies say Coalition is rushing its overhaul of welfare system The Guardian

18 June
Getting away with murder ABC RampUp

17 June
Time to let go of the medical model ABC RampUp
Human Rights delegation to UN PSNews Online

16 June
Connection is more than just a click ABC RampUp

11 June
Young Disability Leaders Join UN Conference ProBono News

6 June
Achievement An Indonesian Origin Disability in Australia TribuneNews (Auto-translation by Google)

27 May
ALRC signals reform to end disability discrimination The Australian Bulletin

22 May
Braille Phone Launches ProBono News
Disability pensioners pan tabloid tactic The World Today

21 May
Disability discrimination to end on June 30? ABC RampUp
Disability Commissioner Role Uncertain ProBono News

14 May
NDIS welcomed, Disability Jobs needed ProBono News
Welfare Carries Budget Burden ProBono News

13 May
Budget crackdown to hit younger people on disability pensions The Age
Can-do attitude the ultimate perk of the job The Australian

11 May
Budget 2014: Disability advocates urge Federal Government to work with big business to create jobs 7 News
Budget 2014: People on disability support pension to have ability to work reassessed 7 News

9 May
Disability advocates call for more jobs if pension is restricted ABC AM 

4 May
Disability carers concerned about cut to services SMH

2 May
Disability Advocate Questions Govt Commitment to NDIS ProBono News
Abbott says yes to NDIS - but with conditions Michael Gordon, Cowra Guardian

25 Apr
Disability groups defend NDIS investment The Australian

22 Apr
Disability Pension Changes Need Consideration - Advocacy Groups ProBono News

21 Apr
Dropping a holiday bombshell on people with disability shows poor judgment The Guardian
Independent doctors could be called in to reassess disability pensioners, Federal Government says ABC News
Tested to breaking point ABC RampUp

20 Apr
AMA gives cautious support to disability support crackdown SMH
MP hoses down fears of disability pension crackdown Illawarra Mercury
Disability pension for under-35s comes under Coalition scrutiny The Guardian
Coalition will keep safety net: Andrews The Australian

2 April
Report says institution residents worse off after moves SMH

24 March
Disability Leaders Defend ‘Damning’ NDIS review ProBono News

17 March
We should welcome NDIS scrutiny ABC Ramp Up

13 March
An open letter to Samantha Conner, people with disability and the community Australian Greens

11 March
Support for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse ProBono

11 March
The Others The Stringer

7 March
Budget savings should not be found at the 'expense' of Australians with disabilities SMH

3 March
Down Under glam: Photos from Sydney Mardi Gras 2014 GayStarNews

1 March
Sydney Mardi Gras parade a success in 2014 GayStarNews

19 February
People with Disability Australia relocating office to Redfern Property Observer

31 January
Tom Ballard co-hosts Mardi Gras on SBS 2 TV Tonight

29 January
Who deserves the DSP? ABC Ramp UP

25 January
Advocates want law abolished after thousands taken off electoral roll for being of 'unsound mind' ABC News

15 January 
Are your rights working? ABC Ramp Up

14 January
A nightmare train ride for a wheelchair-bound boy and his mum sparks outcry DailyTelegraph