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Three people

Be a member of P.W.D.A.A cartoon of a document coming out of a printer



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Print this page

What we will give you


Newspaper and paper

We will give you

  • our newsletter
  • tell you about things we say

– on TV

– in newspapers


A calendar with an important date circled and an invitation card

You can come to things. We have:

  • meetings
  • fun things.


A group of people sitting around

Governments and businesses need our help.

They ask us because we have a disability.

You can join groups to talk about things.

Like a group talks about buses and trains.


a drawing of a face with a speech bubble that has scales in it.We will tell you things that may affect us.

Like any changes to

  • laws
  • government help


  • the NDIS.

A piece of paper with writing on it
Any member can help run our group.

Ask us for our rules.


Screenshot of membership pageThis is based on information in the

People with Disability website.




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