Be a Member

Three people

Be a Member

One person helping another

What we will give you



Newspaper and paperWe will give you

      • our newsletter


      • copy of things we say in
        • TV interviews


      • Newspapers


A calendar with an important date circled and an invitation card

You can come to things we do. Like

      • fun things we do


    • meetings


A group of people sitting around

You can join groups

      • to talk about things we need changed. Like a group to talk about buses and trains.


      • when our advice is asked for.


Governments and businesses need our help.

We are asked because we have a disability.


A person speaking

We will tell you things that may affect us.

Like any changes to

      • laws


    • government programs


A piece of paper with writing on it
Any member can help run our group.

We have rules about this.