Our Dreams

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Our dreams

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Icon of a Wheelchair with people aroundWe want all of us to

  • have the same chances as every one
  • be part of all our communities
  • be able to talk to each other
  • move in and out and around

– buildings

– places.

People at a protest holding signs


We want every one to know people with disability

  • have rights
  • are part of the community.

Four wheelchair icons in different coloursWe want every one to know we

  • are all different
  • can do things
  • can learn new things.

We come in all shapes and sizes.


Icon of a person smiling pointing to themselves

We need every one to

  • respect us
  • see us
  • be proud of who we are.


screenshot of the Our Vision page on pwd.org.auThis is based on information in the

People with Disability website.




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