Getting help with your NDIS plan

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An NDIS plan says what support and services a person with disability will get.



A piece of paper with NDIS plan written on it, and a green tick. There are two circles with images of a wheelchair and a hearing aid in them


Your NDIS plan can help you with:

  • Mobility aids
  • Communication devices
  • Personal care
  • Transport costs.



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Are you unhappy with your NDIS plan?




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You or someone you trust can ask for help from an advocate.





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An advocate can:

  • Listen to you and find out what you want to make that happen.
  • Support you to make phone calls and go to the meetings.
  • Help you say what you need.




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People with Disability Australia can find an advocate to help you.

You or someone you trust can call us.






Call us on the phone for free: 1800 843 929


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