Code of Conduct

People with Disability Australia has a Code of Conduct for our Board Directors.

All Board Directors are asked to adhere to the Code of Conduct while they are on the Board of PWDA.

Here are some extracts from the full Code for members information. You can download the full Code of Conduct (Word document) here.

Code of Conduct Extract

All Board Directors will work towards our vision, our values and our purpose.

In general, we ask that all Board Directors act honestly, in good faith and in the interests of PWDA as a whole, and conduct themselves professionally and ethically at all times.

As well, all Board Directors must not take advantage of the position of director, or allow personal interests to conflict with the interests of the organisation. In addition, we ask that Board Directors:

  • Keep information about the organisation private and confidential.
  • Treat colleague directors and staff with courtesy and respect.
  • Not engage in critical comment about the organisation or other conduct that could discredit us.

We also ask that Board Directors promote a positive image of PWDA by refraining from gossip or adverse comment about PWDA as well as being courteous, tactful and responsive in any dealing with people outside our organisation.

As Board Directors of a DPO, Directors must promote a positive image of people with disability through their language, as well as using a social perspective on disability.

Board Directors have a big role, and need to perform their duties with due diligence. This includes coming to all Board meetings, reading materials and being informed about issues they will make decisions about.

Our Board Directors must have an appropriate relationship with staff, including respecting the role of the CEO and other PWDA managers, and keep confidential information they have as a Director about staff issues.

PWDA Board Directors are asked to not make public comment except when the President says it is ok. This includes media or public speaking. Sometimes Directors will want to enter public debate about issues, so they will need to be careful this isn’t perceived as being an official PWDA comment.

There are lots of other parts to this Code of Conduct that you can read in the full document.