How will we do it? 

Consultation December 2018 - January 2018. An arrow pointing to the next action, which is duplicated for each step. Advisory group, January - October 2019. Access review pilot, February to March 2019. Disability Inclusion toolkit, May - July 2019. Promotion, August 2019.

The project will have 5 main stages:


Understanding the barriers faced by young people with disability in accessing youth services and youth workers experiences in supporting young people with disability.

Advisory group

Young people with disability and youth sector representatives, providing guidance for the project.

Access review pilot

Conducting access reviews of seven youth organisations (including partner organisation Youth Action) across NSW. This will include the collaborative development of an Accessibility Action Plan to record improvements made, using PWDA resources adapted for the youth sector.

Disability Inclusion toolkit created

The toolkit will include:

  • Resources for young people with disability to learn more about self-advocacy.
  • Resources for youth organisations to increase the accessibility of their service.
  • Additional resources identified throughout the project for the youth sector

Promoted to sector

Promotion of the Disability Inclusion Toolkit resource to the NSW Youth Sector.