Additional Information

Additional information about the Access review process:

Pilot organisations selected, January 2019. Access review conducted at youth service, February-March 2019. Accessibility report with recommendations provided to youth service, February -April 2019. Accessibility action plan developed by youth service, with support from PWDA and Youth Action, February - April 2019. Community of practice meetings, May - October 2019. Disability awareness training delivered by PWDA, May - June 2019. Evaluation of pilot process, July -Oct 2019.

With support from PWDA and Youth Action, the youth organisations taking part in the access review process will be supported to review their own services accessibility in the following domains:

  • Physical accessibilityof the service (inside and outside of the service)
  • Informational accessibilityof materials (print and electronic resources)
  • Procedural accessibilityof the service (including policies and processes)
  • Attitudinal accessibilityof the service (including staff attitudes, language and culture)

After the review is complete, participating youth services will receive a report from PWDA with recommendations outlining ways their organising can increase their accessibility.

Each organisation will then be supported to develop an ‘Accessibility Action Plan’, reflecting recommendations about accessibility barriers identified in the review process that the organisation wants to improve.  Participating youth services are expected to have their action plan signed off by senior management, demonstrating organisational commitment to making their service more accessible for young people with disability.

The ‘Accessibility Action Plan’ will be reviewed in conjunction with the nominated contact from the youth service, alongside PWDA and Youth Action throughout the course of the project,  highlighting accessibility improvements that have been made by the organisation.

Participating youth services will also receive a disability awareness training package delivered to their teams as a part of the access review process.  This will involve a trainer from PWDA facilitating a session which explores the concept of disability, its definitions and the myths and facts surrounding it, as well as respectful language and communication. This training is designed to raise the disability competence of staff and of the organisation as a whole.

The youth services will also ultimately produce a Community of Practice that will ensure there is no loss of knowledge from the findings and outcomes of this project. This Community of Practice is vital to maintaining the learnings from this project, disseminating these to other youth services as well as organisations, adding to the project’s sustainability while building capacity across the Youth Sector.