Additional Information

This project will be overseen and governed by the Creating Access Advisory Group. Young people with disability and representatives from youth agencies will be invited to be part in this group.

Members of the Advisory group have the opportunity to share and develop their expertise by providing oversight and contributing to the project strategies, activities and outcomes. Members will also contribute to, and provide advice regarding the planning, delivery and evaluation of the project.

This will include advice and input on:

  • Current barriers facing young people with disability accessing community supports
  • Knowledge and practice gaps on inclusion of people with disability in the youth sector
  • Mechanisms for stakeholder engagement, consultation, feedback and evaluation processes for the project;
  • The development of the long term project strategy and action plan;
  • Accessibility of the resources being developed as a part of the project for the ‘Disability Inclusion Toolkit;
  • Project outputs, including ideas for self-advocacy and accessibility resources, training package materials and systemic advocacy work; and
  • The opportunities to promote the key outcomes and success of the project.

The Creating Access Advisory Group will meet every 6 weeks starting on Wednesday 30th January 2019, with options for members to teleconference or videoconference into meetings where needed.

The meetings will typically be held at either PWDA or Youth Action’s Sydney office. The proposed dates for the advisory group meetings will be included in the Terms of Reference and will be finalised at the first group meeting. The first meeting will commence on Wednesday 30th January 2019 and run until October 2019.