Accessibility Resources

As part of the Creating Access project, we have created resources to support youth services across NSW become more accessible to young people with disability. These resources will assist youth services to review and increase the accessibility of their service, and become inclusive to all young people, including those with disability.

These free downloadable resources are:

  • General Recommendations For Services Template
  • Accessibility Action Plan Template

PWDA have also created a more comprehensive resource called the ‘Access Review Template’ which is available for purchase. This is a more complex tool that can help you identify specific gaps in your organisations accessibility, and is beneficial for any organisations who wish to conduct a more thorough self-assessment of their service.

Additionally, to view accessibility videos included in this toolkit, click here.

Download free accessibility resources here:

General Recommendations Template (PDF)

General Recommendations Template (Word Document)


Accessibility Action Plan Template (PDF)

Accessibility Action Plan Template (Word Document)

Download a preview of the Access Review Template here:

Access Review Template – Preview

Disability Awareness training

As part of the Creating Access project, the participating youth services received a disability awareness training package delivered to their staff. This is a fee for service training facilitated by PWDA. This training explores the social model of disability, rights based practice, myths and stereotypes surrounding disability, as well as an overview on respectful language and communication. This training is designed to promote best practice across the sector and is beneficial for all staff across the organisation.

Contact PWDA on (02) 9370 3100 for more information about the Access Review Template or the Disability Awareness training package. All Youth Action members will receive a 10% discount on all Creating Access paid resources and training.