Boarding Houses

Do you live in a Boarding House and need help?

PWDA Boarding House Projects provides:

  • Free information and non-legal advocacy support
  • To any person with disability living in a Licensed Residential Centre (sometimes called Assisted Boarding Houses) in NSW

This advocacy support is independent from all government and non-government services.

Our advocates always respect the privacy and confidentiality of people with disability living in Assisted Boarding Houses.

Family members, friends, workers, carers, neighbours, etc. can also ask PWDA to provide advocacy support to a person with disability living in an Assisted Boarding House.

Some of the issues that we provide advocacy support for include:

  • Complaints about the quality of services
  • Access to alternative accommodation
  • Access to health and other services
  • Responding to violence, abuse and neglect
  • Complaints about financial exploitation
  • Assisted Boarding House closure and relocation
  • Supported decision making, financial management and guardianship

Getting help with Boarding House issues:

Please call us on 1800 843 929 (toll free) or fill out this information request form.