2019 Board Election

Two people are sitting at a long white table. On the left is Bonnie Millen and right is Matthew Boweden. They both are sitting at the table, holding their hand up and smiling.
Bonnie Millen and Matthew Bowden at a PWDA Annual General Meeting


Every year, PWDA members elect a Board of people with disability who lead our organisation. The Board of Directors of PWDA is the voice of our members.

There were 22 candidates nominated for three Director positions.

PWDA is pleased to welcome Samantha Connor, Kelly Cox and Joana d’Orey Novo to our Board.

We thank all members who put themselves forward for election, and all members who voted. At our AGM last night, all motions were carried overwhelmingly, with strong member attendance.

We look forward to working with the new Board on the challenges ahead.

You can download the Annual Report from our website.

The Role of a Director

The Board of Directors of PWDA is the voice of our members.  The Board’s job is to speak with and for people with disability and to govern the organisation.

PWDA is a large organisation with many staff and responsibilities.  Our work includes advocacy, representation and implementing projects.  We also raise awareness, including through the media, about issues facing people with different kinds of disability across Australia as well as overseas.

The members of PWDA elect Directors to represent them to lead the organisation. The Directors do this by:

  • Ensuring we are the voice of and for people with disability;
  • Setting strategic goals and a way forward;
  • Making sure our money is spent wisely; and
  • Employing staff to do our work.

You can view the full position description of a Director here.