AGM Frequently Asked Questions

Voting at the AGM

Where will the AGM be held?

Given the current COVID-19 circumstances and in the interests of public health and safety of our members, the Company is not able to allow members to physically attend the Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting will be accessible to all members via a secure Zoom link which will allow members to listen and observe the Annual General Meeting.

Can I vote at the AGM?

Only members and proxies of members can attend the AGM. You or your proxy will be able to vote on the motions proposed in the agenda document if you were a member of PWDA before the membership rolls closed at midnight on 2 September 2021.

How do I vote at the AGM?

Only members who are present (in Zoom virtual room) and that join by videoconference can vote at the AGM. Unfortunately Zoom does not have the technical capacity to cast votes if you join the meeting via phone. We therefore recommend that you join the zoom meeting via videoconference. Members who don’t attend cannot vote, except by proxy vote. If you are unable to attend, you may lodge a proxy vote.

Can I vote at the AGM if I am dialling into the Zoom meeting using my phone?

You will not be able to vote if you are joining the AGM by dialling in by phone due to Zoom technical constraints. If you wish to participate in the voting process and can only join the meeting by phone, we encourage you to lodge a proxy prior to the meeting. Only proxies received 24 hours before the meeting starts will be valid.

When will the outcome of the election of Directors be known?

The results of the election are now available and are contained in the form of the Returning Officers Report that is attached to this notice.

Proxy voting

How can I put in my proxy vote?

You can submit a proxy vote by completing the proxy form enclosed and sending it back to us using the reply-paid envelope. You can also submit a proxy vote by completing an online proxy form on our website. If you need further information about how to lodge a proxy vote online then please call us on 1800 422 015 or email us at

All proxy votes must be received by 6pm AEDT on 9 November in the PWDA office in Surry Hills. Proxy vote forms may be scanned and emailed, or can be sent by post, but must arrive by 6pm on 9 November. You can also fax your proxy form to us by sending it to 02 9318 1372. If you wish to hand-deliver your proxy form, please contact us on 1800 422 015 to arrange delivery.

How many proxy votes can a member hold?

An individual can hold up to five proxy votes. The Chair can hold an unlimited number of proxy votes.

Can proxy votes only be cast at the AGM?

Yes. Proxy votes can only be cast by the person in attendance, or the Chair, holding the proxy.

Are proxy votes anonymous?

No, proxy votes cannot be anonymous, as their validity will need to be confirmed against the roll of PWDA members.

Change of financial auditors

Why are PWDA changing its auditors?

To ensure best practice, PWDA will change auditors from Stewart Brown to ESV Business Advice & Accounting for the Financial Year of 2021-2022. Stewart Brown have worked with PWDA for several consecutive years, and we would like to thank them for their support and advice over the course of their service.

I have a different question.

Questions, queries, and thoughts regarding the AGM are welcome, and should be directed to the President, Samantha Connor, via or by calling 1800 422 015.