Being on the Board

Being on the PWDA Board is a chance to be a part of the disability movement. It is an opportunity to be part of the leadership of the peak cross-disability rights organisation in Australia.

Our President, David Abello, is available to discuss any questions you have about the role, the nomination process, or the election. Please email with ‘Board Nominations’ in the subject line, and he will be in touch.

Below are some current and former board members about what it’s like to be on the board.

Brendan standing side on in a grey jacket with white shirt. He is smiling.
Brendan Pearce. former Board Member

“Being on the Board of PWDA, is the chance to carry on the legacy of those who took the steps to establish a recognised voice for people with disability back in 1981. As a Director, my responsibilities can include anything from making decisions around the strategic direction of the organisations finances, to considering how best we can connect with potential members nationwide.

I am a member of PWDA, because the organisation plays a key role in advocating for systemic change on everyday issues that are important to people with disability. I am a Director, to ensure the voice of people with disability is always at the centre of what we do”.

Brendan Pearce

Kevin is standing and wearing a cream coloured shirt and a bowtie. He is also wearing a name badge which is white and blue. He is smiling.
Kevin Boyce, Board Member

“The Job of a Board Member is to make sure that the criteria of the organisation are being meet and to some times challenge the direction and outcomes

Why am I a member, being a member give PWD a more collective voice in today society leading to a more inclusive community”

– Kevin Boyce


Interested in nominating for the Board? Find out more about the roles of Directors and President.