Have your say about Newstart and Centrelink debt

The Australian Parliament is holding two inquiries about issues to do with our income support system, and we want to hear from you.

The first inquiry is looking at Newstart, the income support payment for people looking for work, and whether it is enough for people to live on. As part of the inquiry, they want to hear from people with disability and/or chronic illness who are relying on Newstart, particularly if they have found they can’t access the Disability Support Pension.

The second inquiry is looking at how Centrelink manages any debts, in what is known as the robo-debt process. Have you had a debt with Centrelink? What has this experience been like?

We will be putting together a submission, and we’d like to hear your stories about living on Newstart and about having a Centrelink debt. Please fill in the form below, or download the questions and email them to us at pwd @ pwd.org.au.

Newstart and robodebt submissions

Please fill out this form to tell us about your experiences with Newstart and Centrelink debt. Fill in your name and email at the end if you are happy to tell your story.
  • How long have you been on Newstart?
  • Is long term employment accessible for you?
  • Are all of the current Centrelink or JobActive reporting requirements accessible for you?
  • Is your Newstart payment enough to live on?
  • If not, have you avoided paying for any of the following any time in the last six months?
  • Would an increase in the payment make a difference in your life?
  • Centrelink Debt

  • Have you ever had a debt from Centrelink?
  • Did you know you could challenge or ask for a review of that debt?
  • Did you challenge that debt?
  • Did you have contact from debt-collectors?
  • Did you get help in dealing with the debt?
  • Are you happy to tell your story?

  • Are you happy to tell your story?
  • Name