Opportunities for NSW members to Get Involved in our Campaigns and Projects

Calling on NSW Members
We have two opportunities for our members in NSW to get involved in our projects and campaigns.

Support Our Campaign: NSW-funded independent disability advocacy is under threat.

Support Our Campaign: NSW-funded independent disability advocacy is under threat.
Despite an independent review into advocacy funding in 2019 stating disability advocacy must continue, the NSW Government has yet to provide any firm guarantee that funding for these vital services will continue beyond December 2020.

Disability advocacy provides supports to enable people with disability to realise our rights as full citizens in the community. This may include working with people with disability to ensure our voices are heard in the decisions that affect us, addressing discrimination and removing barriers so we can access services across the community just like everyone else.

To help us ensure we don’t lose these vital services and all of the work that disability advocacy does in NSW, we’d like to hear from you.

Tell the NSW Governent:
  • Why is independent advocacy important to you?
  • What are your experiences using advocacy services?
  • How has independent advocacy helped you to realise your rights to access services and participate in the community in NSW just like everyone else?

Support the Campaign and Share Your Story

It should only take 5 minutes. Every story we collect today helps us to continue the work of independent disability advocacy. Please share the survey with others you know to support the need for independent advocacy.

Without independent advocacy, removing barriers we face to living full and independent lives in the community will be harder. We need independent advocacy to ensure we can have the supports we need to realise our rights.

Women with Disability in NSW – Join our Expert Advisory Group!

PWDA is looking for women with disability to join the Building Access Expert Advisory Group (EAG). This project will run until June 2021.

We are particularly looking for women who have used or tried to use a domestic or family violence service, or women who have worked with or in domestic and family violence services.

PWDA is looking for women who want to help us teach Domestic and Family Violence services how they can become more accessible.

PWDA may ask questions about why you think you would be good at helping services and why you want to work on this project.

If you are chosen to be on the Expert Advisory Group, you will be paid for your work. You can ask questions about this. We will give you information about how much work we need from participants and how much we will pay.

If you are interested please contact Freya Higgins, Project Officer, Violence Prevention on 0434 692 487 or email

Why are we doing the project?
The rates of violence against women with disability are very high, but domestic and family violence services are not always accessible for women with disability. This project is a step towards changing that. We want DFV services to be safe and accessible for all women.