Our international work

PWDA draws on our history and organisational experience to share with other DPO’s strategies to further their capacity for leadership, organisational development, networking,  advocacy, lobbying and policy formulation. We have a strong focus on building partnerships through a DPO-to-DPO approach to disability inclusive development.

Our DPO-to-DPO approach puts into application the Disabled People’s International (DPI) slogan ‘Nothing about us  without us’.  It provides a unique DPO-to-DPO partnership model to undertake disability inclusive development where both sides of the partnership are enhanced.

Links to other Disabled People’s Organisations

Many of our Asia-Pacific colleagues experience levels of disadvantage compounded by an inability to get even basic needs met, like having enough to eat each day. Simple human rights violations of social engagement, sexism or gender persecution, illiteracy, or living in a war-torn environments restrict our Asia-Pacific colleagues’ capacity to develop effective advocacy skills, engage in dialogue to understand and advance their own human rights.

Our DPO-to-DPO approach is a multi-faceted which

  • builds individual capacity by providing practical assistance to people with disability which aims to meet their basic needs and establish a platform where capacity  building initiatives are effective and empowering;
  • enhances DPO organisational capacity by fostering mutually beneficial partnerships between DPO’s, with the aim to achieve sustainable outcomes and comprehensive  change locally, regionally and globally; and
  • continues to build the global disability rights movement by enhancing the individual and organisational capacity of people with disability to have a voice of their own.

Our DPO-to-DPO approach offers support and information to other such as

Advocacy and Support

  • Responsive support for assistance
  • Disability Inclusive Development
  • Research
  • Campaigns
  • Mentoring

Building Partnerships and Linkages

  • Pacific Disability Forum
  • Asia Pacific DPOs
  • Disabled People’s International (DPI)
  • Donor & Development Organisations

Knowledge Development

  • Governance training
  • Strategic planning
  • Constitution development
  • Effective advocacy techniques
  • Understanding Human Rights Frameworks
  • Proposal writing and fund seeking.