[Not currently running] Nowra Respectful and Healthy Relationships Training

Sign with Nowra on itDo you live in Nowra?





Group of women looking detirminedAre you a woman with a learning disability?





Two people sitting at a table, holding hands. There are flowers in a vase on the tableDo you want to learn about relationships?





Two people embracing.Do you want to learn about sex and relationships?





Woman holding a sign with a green tick that says consent, and her other hand is in a fist with her thumb up.Do you want to learn more about your body and what is ok?





A group of women looking happy, holding their arms up as if being strong and celebratingDo you want to meet and make friends with other women?





A photo of Nowra Library, a modern building with stairs in front and a blue and red verandah.We will meet at Nowra Library on Thursdays





Image of a woman smiling, wearing glasses
Call Polly on 9370 3100 or on 0434 692 845 if you want to come to the lessons.

Polly is here to help.