[Not currently running] Wollongong Respectful and Healthy Relationships training

Do you live in the Illawarra? Aerial photo of the Wollongong area. There are buildings near a beach, with hills and bush behind the buildings.





Group of women looking detirminedAre you a woman with a learning disability?





Two people sitting at a table, holding hands. There are flowers in a vase on the table
Do you want to learn about relationships?




Two people embracing.Do you want to learn about sex and relationships?





Woman holding a sign with a green tick that says consent, and her other hand is in a fist with her thumb up.Do you want to learn more about your body and what is ok?





A group of women looking happy, holding their arms up as if being strong and celebratingDo you want to meet and make friends with other women?





Image of Dapto Ribbonwood CentreWe will meet at Dapto Ribbonwood Centre on Wednesdays




Image of a woman smiling, wearing glassesCall Polly on 9370 3100 or on 0434 692 845 if you want to come to the lessons.

Polly is here to help.