Media Releases – 2011

13 December Minister for Disability Reform: a welcome new position from the Prime Minister 

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9 December People with disability: ‘our human rights, our lives’ 

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1 December World AIDS Day: Let’s talk about accessible Sex Ed

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31 October Jetstar’s ‘two wheelchair policy’ challenged in federal court 

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14 October Australians with disability participate in World Assembly

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16 August Ombudsman’s Report a Damning Indictment of Licensed Boarding House Monitoring and Reform

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10 August Let’s work together towards a National Disability Insurance Scheme 

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2 August PWDA welcomes early release of the Final Report on Disability Care and Support

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18 July PWDA demands $15 million compensation for residents of Grand Western Lodge 

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10 June World Report in Disability sets the agenda for government action

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9 June New funds will strengthen the voice of people with disability in Australia

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8 June People with Disability support ASU Equal Pay Day of Action 

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27 May PWDA Endorses Campaign for National Disability Insurance Scheme

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11 May Good news for students, mental health; Mixed news for people on the DSP

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10 May Supporting people to live ordinary lives: In Control BIG Event 2011

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15 March PWDA launch NSW Election Platform

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8 March International Women’s Day – human rights still not reality for women with disability  Word 37kb

24 February PWDA launches new advocacy service in Mount Isa

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14 February Business Council must rethink its approach to people with disability

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