This is a selection of reports, authored by PWDA.


August |  Disability Rights Now 2019: Shadow Report to the United Nations Committee on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) (PDF) – to download in other formats, or as Plain English, French or Spanish, please see DPO Australia’s website.


October | Moving to my home: housing aspirations, transitions and outcomes of people with disability (on

May  | National Disability Insurance Scheme Citizens’ Jury Scorecard Word 5.6MB or view PDF 6.46MB


Oct | Torture and cruel treatment in Australia Word 980kb – Joint NGO report to the United Nations Committee Against Torture


Feb | NGO CRPD Shadow Report February 2013 Communique Word 3MB

Sep | Disability Rights Now Word 832kb


Aug | NGO CRPD Shadow Report August 2011 Communique Word 3MB

May | Joint Paper: In Control Australia and PWDA: Please sir, not more of the same” – People with disability in control Word 37kb

Apr | Joint Human Rights Analysis of the Proposed National Disability Insurance Scheme Word 551kb

Mar | NGO CRPD Shadow Report March 2011 Communique Word 3MB


Jul | Rights Denied – Towards a national policy agenda about abuse, neglect & exploitation of persons with cognitive impairment Word 1.08MB

Feb | Accommodating Human Rights – A Human Rights Perspective on Housing and Support for persons with disability Word 164kb


Sep | Everyone, everywhere: recognition of persons with disability as persons before the law Word 821kb

Jul | NGO Shadow Report on Women’s Human Rights Word 748kb

Jun | Report on Women with Disabilities Accessing Crisis Services Word 451kb