Submission Archive – 2011

9 December 2018

November | NSW Attorney General and Justice’s review of the Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007

PWD has undertaken a number of projects examining the experience of people with disability in residential and service settings as well as barriers to human rights to freedom from violence and abuse including the Sexual Assault in Disability and Aged Care – SADA Project, the Rights Denied Project and the Disability and Domestic Violence in Residential Settings Project. This submission situates the feedback from these projects within the wider research context and applicable domestic and international legislative instruments.


October | Senate Education Employment and Workplace Relations Committee Inquiry into the administration and purchasing of Disability Employment Services in Australia

The comments PWD makes in this submission are informed by its role as an organisation of people with disability and also by its contractual role as operator of the Complaints Resolution and Referral Service (CRRS). The CRRS receives complaints about the delivery of services from users of Commonwealth-funded disability services subject to the Commonwealth Disability Services Act 1986. These services comprise DES, Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE) and Disability Advocacy Services (DAS).  This submission is primarily concerned with the term of reference which deals with assessment of the DES performance framework as the best means of meeting the objectives of the Disability Services Act 1986, although other issues will be raised in doing so.


September | NSW Legislative Council Standing Committee on Social Issues Inquiry into Domestic violence trends and issues in NSW PDF only

This submission was made available only in PDF and is no longer available at the NSW Parliament link provided.

July | Exposure Draft of the ‘Supported Accommodation Innovation Fund’

Housing options for people with disability must not result in the congregation, segregation or isolation of persons with disability, each of which is a key accelerator or facilitator of abuse, neglect and exploitation of persons with disability. It is of great concern to PWD that, despite evidence of the detrimental aspects of congregate living arrangements, some governments continue to license and fund institutions and some are being redeveloped into ‘contemporary’ institutions that continue to congregate people with disability and segregate them from community life.


May | Interim Report by the Productivity Commission into Disability Care and Support

PWD believes the Draft Report is a great step forward int he process to introduce a funded National Scheme which would provide personal support for people with disabilities on an entitlements basis.  However in building a new system we have an opportunity and an obligation to get it right so that we are left with a sustainable system that supports our obligations under the UNCRPWD and principles of personal control.  PWD maintains that there are many aspects of service quality which have remained unexamined in the process of the Productivity Commission enquiry.  These issues are elaborated within this submission.


April | Joint Submission NEDA and PWDA: Productivity Commission Inquiry into Disability Care and Support

This submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry which formed an early step in the process toward the creation of a National Disability Insurance Scheme recommends that the NDIS be extended to asylum seekers and persons granted refugee status, all children should be eligible regardless of residency status, individuals who have applied for permanent residency, 457 holders and international students – to afford individuals with disability the same right to participate in these schemes as those without disabilities.