Submission Archive – 2018

21 May 2019

November | The Queensland Human Rights Act 2018: Queensland Parliament, Legal Affairs & Community Safety Committee

PWDA supports the Human Rights framework proposed in the Bill, however, in order to be truly effective the Human Rights Act must be legally enforceable. The Bill should give people the means to take legal action should they be treated unfairly. In addition, the Bill needs to guarantee provisions for people with disability to ensure effective and full access to justice and equality before the law, as equal citizens, in any form of legal proceedings. In its current form, the Bill does not effectively guarantee these rights.

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November | Australian Law Reform Commission Discussion Paper: Review of the Family Law System

Reforms need to include making information about the Family Law System more accessible, ensure that parents with disability aren’t discriminated against, making courts more accessible, recognise the legal capacity of people with disability, ensure that specific domestic and family violence against people with disability is taken into account and a complete prohibition of sterilisation of children with disability, and of genital modification and medical interventions of children with intersex variations, except where medically necessary or where there is a serious threat to life.

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August | Implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the provision of disability services in New South Wales

We provided a detailed submission to this Inquiry about the NDIS roll-out in NSW and the gaps in service provision. The Committee was established to inquire into and report on systemic and policy issues concerning the provision of disability services and the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in New South Wales.

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August | Joint Select Committee on the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse – oversight of redress related recommendations

We provided a submission to the Senate’s Joint Select Committee on the Redress Scheme established by the government.

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July | Inquiry into the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Cashless Debit Card Trial Expansion) Bill 2018

The current proposal is for an expansion of the existing compulsory cashless debit card trials. We oppose this bill.

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June | NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation Pricing and Payments Framework Review

The Framework governs the approach to SDA pricing and payments and is intended to result in a competitive price that attracts market players to supply new and innovative housing solutions for people with disability. KPMG will carried out a scheduled review of the Framework.

PWDA Submission, DOC

March | NDIS Market Readiness

The National Disability Insurance Agency undertook a review into NDIS market readiness.

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March | Family Law Review

Response to Issues Paper: Review of the Family Law System Australian Law Reform Commission

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February | Review of the Guardianship Act in NSW

NSW Law Reform Commission Review of the Guardianship Act 1987

PWDA Submission, DOC

February | Termination of Pregnancy Laws in QLD

The Queensland Law Reform Commission undertook a review into termination of pregnancy laws in Australia.

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January | Abuse Redress Scheme

Commonwealth Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse Bill 2017 to Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs

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January | Youth Diversionary Program

Inquiry into the adequacy of youth diversionary programs in NSW Legislative Assembly Committee on Law and Safety.

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