Submissions Archive- 2021

April 2021 | Submission to the Joint Standing Committee’s Inquiry into Independent Assessments

PWDA made a submission to the Joint Standing Committee’s Inquiry into the Independent Assessments.

PWDA holds significant concerns about the Federal Government’s planned changes to how people with disability will access the NDIS and how they will receive support.

Independent assessments will not resolve the current problems with the NDIS. Alongside the new process for determining individual plans and budgets, independent assessments may actually compound existing problems or even create new unintended ones.

While we all want greater consistency, we are very concerned this increasingly automated process will not adequately consider individual need and circumstance. Instead independent assessments will fundamentally alter the individualised and personalised nature of the NDIS.

Independent assessments have not been rigorously tested or undergone an independent evaluation. Consultation has been rushed and the questions and concerns of people with disability, their families and the organisations that support and represent them have not been addressed.

March 2021 | Submission to Consultation on Victims Services Changes

PWDA made a submission to the Victims Services’ review of changes to its processes implemented in July 2020. We are concerned these changes have shifted much of the onus to survivors to engage with the scheme independently, without adequate assistance from Victims Services staff. PWDA raised particular issues with revised processes for choosing a counsellor, which in our view do not address existing barriers to survivors with disability gaining timely access to appropriately trained counsellors of their choice.

PWDA recommended that the review materials be referred to an upcoming 3 yearly statutory, which can consider the need for comprehensive service delivery improvements and must report to Parliament.

January | #EndSegregation For People With Disability

PWDA wants the Disability Royal Commission to help stop the practice of segregating people with disability from the community.

People with Disability Australia is among over 60 organisations and more than 290 people to urge the Disability Royal to #EndSegregation.

We want the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability to fully investigate the negative impacts of segregation on disabled people.

PWDA Position Paper