PWDA supports disability research that is primarily driven by people with disability to answer the questions and issues that are most important to people with disability, ensuring their voices are clearly articulated and heard. This is community led research.

Community led research includes the use of inclusive research and participatory action research methodologies as potential research frameworks. It is grounded, narrative qualitative research that draws out the voices of people with disability that are then analysed with rigour and reported.

PWDA has been involved in research since its inception and was directly involved in the field work that led to the development of the UNCRPD.

Most recently PWDA has been involved with the Royal Commission, conducting focus groups and interviews with people with disability who experienced abuse as children in institutions. Findings were reported to the Royal Commission along with recommendations, a number of which have been included in the Official Report.

PWDA also conducts research on behalf of state and federal departments and also supports research with universities and other non-government organisations. PWDA’s expertise lies in ensuring the voices of people with disability are heard – “Nothing about us, without us”.

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