Submission Archive – 2009

December | Response to the Inquiry into the NSW Taxi Industry

The ability to live independently and access one’s own community is a fundamental human right. For many people with disability taxi transportation is the safest and most accessible form of transport. However, taxi transportation is not without its problems. This submission gives specific insight into the issues faced by people with disability and proposes suggestions for consideration.


November | RACGP – Review of Standards for General Practice – Joint Submission

Our collective view is that, while RACGP has made commendable efforts to encourage its members to ensure the highest quality of service to all patients, there remain significant gaps in the quality of service delivered to large parts of our community.  The continuing limited availability of adjustable-height examination beds in GP surgeries is contributing to that gap.


September | Everyone, everywhere: recognition of persons with disability as persons before the law

By world standards, Australia may claim to have relatively evolved disability policy including with respect to the recognition of persons with disability as persons before the law.  However, it would be quite wrong to assume in relation to the right to recognition as a person before the law, or indeed in relation to any other right, that the CRPD has nothing to add in the Australian context.

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August | NSW Legislative Council’s Inquiry into Substitute decision-making for people lacking capacity – Joint Submission

The focus on this area of public administration that preceded the enactment of the NSW Trustee and Guardian Act 2009 ought to have provided for a thorough examination of all relevant issues so that new legislation and institutional arrangements could be crafted so as to reflect Australia’s international human rights obligations and contemporary best practice in the area of supported decision-making.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  Although we welcome the Social Issues Committee’s review, we are now in a situation where a new law and a new institution have been created without proper regard for these fundamental issues.


July | NGO Shadow Report on Women’s Human Rights

While the terms of reference for the consultation process are broad, it is disappointing that they explicitly rule out consideration of the option of a constitutional ‘bill of rights’ (on the grounds that the Australian Government wishes to preserve ‘parliamentary sovereignty’). There is currently no entrenchment of equality in the Australian Constitution. There is also concern among the NGO sector that the outcomes of the consultations need to recognise that discrimination does not only happen in discrete categories, but that the intersections of race and gender or disability and gender present particular challenges in securing women’s human rights.


June | National Human Rights Consultation

This submission uses the CRPD as its key interpretative aid for the recognition and application of all rights of persons with disability. This submission also includes reference to ‘human rights indicators’.  The Human Rights Indictors for People with Disability is a resource developed by QAI with the intention of promoting awareness, understanding and application of the CRPD.


March | Draft Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards

Recently, PWD has been working with a number of key disability organisations in relation to our views on the current draft Access to Premises Standards. Collectively, we have all agreed on specific key areas that we argue are essential for the development of robust Access to Premises Standards, but which are currently missing or not sufficiently addressed in the current draft.  These key areas are summarised in Attachment A, Summary and Major Concerns.