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Join us in promoting the human rights, equality and dignity of all people with disability and become a PWDA member. Membership is free!

Our members are our heart and soul. Having an informed, activated and connected membership helps us strengthen the impact of our work and the disability rights movement. We welcome all members of the community to join us on our mission.

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 As a PWDA member:

  • You receive our newsletter and media releases as they are published;
  • You can participate in membership events, member-only forums, activities and PWDA Advisory Groups;
  • You support the human rights of people with disability;
  • You have a voice as a member on our social media forums, consultations and feedback;
  • You are kept up-to-date on policy and government programs which directly affect people with disability.

We have both individual and organisational memberships available. Individual membership is open to anyone with disability living in Australia.

Three Black and disabled folx (a non-binary person resting one hand on the wall and the other on her cane, a non-binary person sitting in a power wheelchair, and a femme leaning while standing) rest and chat outdoors on a sunny day.

Membership categories

We have two categories of membership – Individual and Organisational.

Individual membership

To be an individual full member, you must be a person who identifies as having disability, be at least 18 years of age and you must live in Australia. Individual full members are entitled to:

  • Receive notices of and attend any general meeting of PWDA
  • Exercise one vote at any general meeting
  • Be eligible for election or appointment as a director
  • Nominate (or second or endorse) eligible candidates for election as a director
  • Receive information about PWDA’s activities

Organisational membership

To be an organisational member your organisation must be a legally incorporated Body Corporate under the laws of Australia (or other country approved by the directors from time to time); and have both a governing body and membership made up of at least 75% persons with disability.

Organisational members must appoint a Delegate who is able to:

  • Receive notices of and attend any general meeting of PWDA
  • Exercise 1 vote on a Show of Preference and 2 votes on a poll
  • Nominate (or second or endorse) an eligible individual for election as a director
  • Receive information about the company’s activities

Apply to be a member

To become an individual member, please complete our online membership form or download, complete and mail us our postal membership form.

A coloured tile with text reading 'Click here to become a member'.

PWDA Membership Form (download as a PDF).

To apply for an PWDA Organisational Membership, please contact us via email and we can send you an application form.

More information

To learn more about PWDA membership, please read or download our Membership Prospectus.

You can also download and share our PWDA Membership brochure here!

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