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We’re connecting with our members through digital activities and live events.

There are lots of ways that members contribute to our work and connect with each other.

This includes attending regular member forums, participating in our board advisory groups and member surveys, or attending our member social events. 

Member forums

We regularly hold online forums so our members can engage with our board members and each other on current issues and PWDA business. Using an online format allows us to deliver forums that can be attended by members from all over Australia

We email members about these events including details of how to participate. We also invite our members to suggest topics for these forums. Check out our latest news for members for details of these forums as they’re announced.

Member surveys

We regularly survey our members on current issues affecting people with disability as well as our policy development and other PWDA business.

We conduct these surveys using a digital survey platform. We also invite our members to suggest topics for these surveys. Check out our latest news for members for details of these surveys as they’re released.

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Board Advisory Groups

We have a range of Board Advisory Groups which provide guidance to our board members on a range of issues and regularly recruit members to be involved with these groups.

For more information about getting involved in our Board Advisory Groups, please contact us.

Membership Engagement Board Advisory Group

The purpose of the Committee is to ensure that members voices are heard at all levels, provide advice to the Board about how best to engage hard to reach groups, communicate information back to staff via the President, provide a link between the membership and the Board, seek feedback about the activities and strategic direction of PWDA, ensure PWDA is being compliant with our own policies and procedures and the law, recommend incoming members to the Board and provide a membership report in conjunction with PWDA staff.

Strategic Directions Board Advisory Group

The purpose of the Strategic Directions Advisory Group is to provide leadership in terms of the review, assessment and development of PWDA’s strategic directions which might include identifying strategic priorities, establishing strategic objectives and goals and overseeing the implementation of PWDA’s strategic objectives and its strategic performance in general.

Finance and Risk Board Advisory Group

The purpose of the Finance and Risk Advisory Group is to provide advice to the Board and the Executive Committee on matters related to PWDA finances and assets, so that the Board and Executive can make decisions that are informed by the expertise provided by the Group. The committee will also assist the Board in the oversight of Risk Management issues.

Governance Board Advisory Group

The PWDA Governance Advisory Group (‘GovAG’) offers considered advice, recommendations, and counsel to the PWDA Board of Directors (“the Board”) in its ongoing oversight of the quality of governance, while offering board and members the opportunity to have input into the work of PWDA. The GovAG is established to complement the work of staff and support the board as a way of enabling the work of PWDA to be completed as quickly and efficiently and with as much input from people with disability as possible.

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