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Information that’s accessible for everyone.

We recognise that a different approach to communicating information is useful for many people with intellectual disability, literacy issues or who use English as a second language.

The Easy Read format offers a powerful combination of text with layout and imagery to simplify, streamline and explain information.

Easy Read’s unique layout and style presents information so it’s easy to understand and can explain a range of issues about services, law, policy or obligations in suitable ways for all to comprehend. 

Below is a list of all our Easy Read resources.

Essential documents

  • How to talk to PWDA: PDF
  • About PWDA: PDF
  • Everyone is different: PDF
  • Our dreams: PDF
  • What we do: PDF
  • Speaking up for my rights: PDF | Word document
  • Getting help with my NDIS plan: PDF | Word document
  • The National Redress Scheme – Information for you: PDF
  • Help for students with disability: PDF
  • Help with services: PDF

PWDA Membership

  • Be a member of PWDA: PDF
  • I want to be a PWDA member: PDF
  • How to become a PWDA member: PDF
  • PWDA Membership Form: Word document

PWDA policy documents

  • How to make a complaint about your advocate: PDF | Word document
  • About our Privacy Policy: PDF | Word document
  • About our Access to Information Policy: PDF
  • About our Compliments, Complaints and Feedback Policy: PDF
  • About our Whistleblower Policy: PDF

Other documents

  • COVID-19 Letter to the Government: PDF
  • PWDA Annual Report 2021-2022: PDF
  • PWDA Annual Report 2020-2021: PDF

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