Have you been discriminated against? We can help you find the help you need to sort that out.

You might experience discrimination in:

  • Employment – getting a job, terms and conditions of a job, training, promotion, being dismissed
  • Education – enrolling or studying in a course at a private or public school, college or university
  • Accommodation – renting or buying a house or unit.
  • Getting or using services – such as banking and insurance services, services provided by government departments, transport or telecommunication services, professional services like those provided by lawyers, doctors or tradespeople, services provided by restaurants, shops or entertainment venues
  • Accessing public places – such as parks, government offices, restaurants, hotels or shopping centres

We can help you make a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission or other appropriate agency.

For advocacy support, please call us on 1800 843 929 (toll free) or email info@wayfinderhub.com.au.

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