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We’re providing information and content to support learning and action.

Explore what disability is, the right language to use when discussing disability, and accessible ways to connect with PWDA.

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Creating a better future for people with disability involves working together to better understand disability and the issues which affect people with disability.

So we produce a range of relevant educational resources to help inform people about disability-related issues and to connect with PWDA and our work.

Social Model of Disability

There have been many models used to understand disability over time. At PWDA, we use the Social Model of Disability to inform how we work to advance and protect the rights, health and wellbeing of people with disability.

Read more about the Social Model of Disability.

PWDA Language Guide

Our popular Language Guide unpacks key factors which influence disability-related language, provides advice for writing about disability-related content, and identifies commonly misused terms and recommends suitable alternatives.

Find the Language Guide here.

Our stories

Read stories from our clients, members and supporters about their experiences and how they’ve engaged with PWDA.

Read more about our stories.

Auslan videos

We have a range of key information in Auslan videos for people who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing.

View our Auslan videos.

Easy Read info

We have a range of key information in Easy Read formats so that it’s accessible to people with intellectual disability, literacy issues or who don’t use English as their primary language.

Read our Easy Read resources.


Explore the different services PWDA provides in these brochures.

Read our brochures.

Resources for journalists

We provide a range of resources to help journalists, writers and content creators get it right when they’re writing about any issues related to people with disability.

Read more resources for journalists.

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Videos and accessible media

Auslan video

Easy Read

All PWDA Easy Read resources

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