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Disability rights

Fighting for equity, justice,
dignity and respect.

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We’re taking action to protect the rights of people with disability.

Advancing and defending the human and legal rights of people with disability is what we were born to do. Over 40 years later, we’re as fearless as ever.

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We’re being the change we want to see in the world.

We’re here to champion the rights of people with disability and fight against the inequity and injustice that too many of us continue to experience in too many areas of our lives.

Our team of campaigners, policy specialists and disability rights advocates are focused on achieving positive change in the structures, policies and practices that exclude and discriminate against people with disability. This work is called systemic advocacy.

What we fight for

As a cross-disability organisation, we’re focused on issues that affect ALL people with disability, including:

  • Disability Royal Commission
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • Social security
  • Healthcare
  • Employment
  • Safety

Find out more about our policy areas.

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How we take action

To make the change we want to see, we:

  • consult with our members and communities to understand their interests and concerns;
  • represent the voices and experiences of people with disability on government consultative committees, inquiries, forums and working groups;
  • develop policies and write reports on key issues;
  • write submissions and provide recommendations in response to government policies and programs;
  • highlight and amplify our advocacy through the media;
  • work together with other disability representative organisations on community campaigns and other related activities; and
  • provide analysis of party platforms during the NSW and federal elections and lobby to secure electoral outcomes that will benefit people with disability.

Help us make a difference

By supporting our advocacy, you can be part of the disability rights movement and help advance and protect our rights. You can donate here or become a member below!

Become a PWDA member

We regularly consult with our members to ensure we’re being their voice and representing their interests. Sing up now – it’s free!.

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