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Disability rights

We’re taking action to protect the legal and human rights of people with disability. 


Join us in promoting the human rights, equality and dignity of all people with disability.

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We’re Australia’s peak rights and advocacy organisation by and for people with disability or who are d/Deaf. Since 1981, we’ve been advancing and protecting the rights, health and wellbeing of the people and communities we serve.

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PWDA Language Guide

The choices people make about language have an impact on the way people with disability feel and are perceived in society. This guide has been written by people with disability to assist the Australian general public and media outlets in talking about and reporting on disability. 

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Fighting financial mismanagement

Jess was hospitalised while under financial administration and guardianship by the state. The state guardian was delayed in finding appropriate accommodation, so Jess was forced to remain in the public hospital but she was then told she owed the hospital over $6000 for staying longer.

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Battling discrimination

Despite living in her leased apartment for years, senior citizen pensioner Lin, who lives with disability, had endured long-term elder abuse from her landlord. The on-going physical and mental discriminatory abuse became so intense it resulted in Lee being hospitalised twice.

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Building a support network

A young man with disability, Marco spent years fleeing family violence which resulted in stints of homelessness and surviving multiple suicide attempts. He finally managed to secure short-term accommodation funded through his NDIS plan, but due to a change in his circumstances, had limited informal supports.

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