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Building through partnerships

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We’re collaborating with our partners to support learning and action.

Our project-based partnerships help us focus on specific issues which affect the rights, health and wellbeing of people with disability.

There’s strength in numbers.

In addition to our ongoing core advocacy activities, we regularly undertake project-based work that enables us to build a body of evidence as well as a community of care which, together, help to deliver a more socially just, accessible and inclusive society.

This involves regular collaborations with partners across the disability, government, community and education sectors, where we undertake projects focused on specific issues which affect people with disability.

Advancing Women project

The Advancing Women project promotes the leadership, workforce participation and workplace safety for women with disability in Australia. It undertakes research to better understand the barriers and enablers to sustainable leadership roles for women with disability. It also delivers an educational program through online and face-to-face workshops, e-learning modules, and a Mentor Program for women with disability, employers, and key stakeholders.

Learn more about the Advancing Women project.

Building Access project

Building Access is an innovative project enabling domestic and family violence (DFV) services to better meet the needs of women and children with disability through the provision of education, training and resources.

Learn more about the Building Access project.

Talk Up project

Our Talk Up project delivers three key areas of skills training for First Nations people with disability – culturally appropriate education/training on legal rights, self-advocacy skills and the most effective ways to access external assistance.

Learn more about the Talk Up project.

Colourful aboriginal artwork called Our land reflects our people showing grey dotted paths snaking throughout the image with segmented backgrounds in red, orange & yellow; greens and blues.

National Redress Scheme project

PWDA is working with the National Redress Scheme to help people with disability who experienced institutional child sexual abuse gain access to counselling, a direct personal response, and a redress payment.

Learn more about the National Redress Scheme project.

Engage-In project

Engage-In aims to break down the barriers people with psychosocial disability face when they try to access services from closed settings (institutions), with the key objective to empower these people to live their best lives in the community.

Learn more about the Engage In project.

Disability Advocacy Futures

The Disability Advocacy Futures Program provides information services and advocacy assistance to people living in Sydney, South-Eastern Sydney, and South-Western Sydney Local Health District areas.

Learn more about Disability Advocacy Futures program.

Past projects

Read more about our past projects here, including work on segregated accommodation and care, services for people with disability experiencing homelessness, youth services and the NDIS Citizens’ Jury Scorecard project.

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