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We’re focussed on operating with transparency and accountability.

We’re committed to ensuring that the way we operate as an organisation follows best practice in relation to corporate governance and adheres to a policy framework which ensures our members, staff and stakeholders can engage with PWDA in a constructive, supportive and responsive manner.

PWDA Constitution

Our constitution is a set of rules outlining how PWDA operates as an organisation. It details how PWDA is structured and governed as well as our main organisational activities. It also explains the roles, responsibilities and powers of the board, directors, management and members.

PWDA policies

Our organisational policies and procedures provide guidelines for decision making processes and the way that our work should be carried out. These policies aim to provide transparency, accountability, uniformity and stability for anyone engaging with PWDA.

Staff code of conduct and ethics

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Privacy policy

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Access to information policy

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Compliments, complaints and feedback policy

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Non-development activity policy

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Preventing sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment policy

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Child protection policy

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Conflict of Interest Policy

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Whistleblower policy

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  • About our Privacy Policy: PDF | Word document
  • About our Access to Information Policy: PDF
  • About our Compliments, Complaints and Feedback Policy: PDF
  • About our Whistleblower Policy: PDF
  • How to make a complaint about your advocate: PDF | Word document

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