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Engage-In is an exciting project that aims to break down the barriers people with psychosocial disability face when they try to access services from closed settings (institutions). 

These barriers can be cultural as well as structural.

Our key objective is to empower people to live their best lives in the community. One way we can do this is by supporting people with psychosocial disability in accessing the NDIS and other mainstream services.

Our emphasis is on community-based peer involvement, such as connecting people in closed settings with recovery coaches who have experience of psychosocial disability.

Peer-led discussion, consultation, and practice

Peer workers (people with experience of psychosocial disability who form the Engage-In’s Project Advisory Group or PAG) will collaborate with PWDA project officers to access and support consumers/survivors in closed settings.

Drawing upon these insights, a community of practice (CoP) will come up with solutions to the structural and cultural barriers advocates face in making connections with people in closed settings.


An action research framework is being co-designed by the PAG and the University of Sydney, Faculty of Education and Social Work to develop a desired practice model for working with people with psychosocial disability. 

This desired practice model will inform a training program, run by people with experience of psychosocial disability, for staff at PWDA. We envisage that this program will be replicated by other services striving to revitalise their practice.


To find out more about Engage-In, contact us at engagein@pwd.org.au.

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