Research protocols

Research at or with PWDA is required to comply with our research protocols. These protocols are founded in our principles which are firmly committed to the human rights of people with disability as enshrined in the UNCRPD, the social model of disability and intersectional awareness.

PWDA is committed to research that is community led and preferably driven by people with disability. We support Inclusive Research frameworks and strongly advocate for genuine co-creation of research with people with disability that is fully recognised.

PWDA supports research that aligns with all or most of the following:

  • Research that is founded in and supports the CRPD.
  • Research questions that have been developed by people with disability for people with disability.
  • Research that includes an Inclusive and or Participatory Action/Emancipatory framework, whereby people with disability are part of the research process in continuum from outset to publication.
  • Research that fully and openly recognises the contribution of people with disability as co-creators and participants. E.g. authorship, intellectual property.
  • Research that properly and respectfully remunerates people with disability and their representative organisations for research participation in any form.
  • Research that does not exclude people with disability because of intellectual or cognitive difference.
  • All research documents are to be accessible including in Easy English.
  • Research participant consent forms need to have an open exit option, should the participant wish to cease participation.

Research applications that do not fulfil all of the above protocols will be considered on a case by case basis.

Research Partnerships:

PWDA can provide expertise in disability research and policy development. This expertise may take the form of advisory or reference group participation, consultation on research projects or program development.

Time frames:

PWDA will not consider partnership proposals that fall one month before the application deadline.

Researchers are encouraged to engage with PWDA at the earliest convenience regarding all research propositions

Consultancy fees:

PWDA offers consultancy services on a fee for service basis. Please contact research [at] for details.