Our Staff

Chief Executive Officer – Jeff Smith

Jeff has a long history working in social justice including in public interest environmental law, the disability sector and drug law reform. He brings to PWDA a wealth of relevant governance experience, including from his 14 years as Executive Director of the Environmental Defenders Office in NSW. He is a solicitor with a Masters of Law from Sydney University.

He currently serves on the Boards of the Haymarket Foundation and EDO Ltd as well as the Advisory Committee for the Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law. Prior to that, he has been on the following Boards and management committees – CLC NSW, the Total Environment Centre, the Environmental Planning and Law Association, and the Climate Institute.

Jeff has written extensively on environmental law and policy, criminal justice and the rule of law. He has taught in a wide variety of fields including industrial regulation, environmental law, litigation and criminal law and process. He regularly teaches postgraduate and undergraduate courses at Macquarie and Sydney University.

Systemic Advocacy, Research and Training

  • Romola Hollywood – Director Policy and Advocacy
  • Samantha French – Senior Policy Officer,  Employment and Accessibility Follow on Twitter
  • Dr Meg Clement-Couzner – Senior Policy Officer, Violence Prevention Follow on Twitter
  • Giancarlo de Vera – Senior Policy Officer
  • Francis Quan Farrant – Senior Research Policy Officer Follow on Twitter
  • Mel Harrison – Training Manager. Follow on Twitter Follow on Twitter

Individual Advocacy

  • Stephen Kilkeary – Director, Individual and Group Advocacy NSW
  • Tracey Moffatt – Director, Individual Advocacy (QLD and Regional NSW)
  • Jen Ruse – Advocacy Manager and NDIS Appeals, NSW
  • Gareth Elliott – Advocate, NSW
  • Luke Gale – Advocate & Manager, QLD
  • Stephin Hargreave – Advocate, NSW
  • Leonie Hazelton – Advocate, NSW
  • Lizzie Blue – Advocate, NSW
  • Lee-Anne Pringle – Advocate, QLD
  • Natalie Ross – Advocate, NSW
  • Grace Stevenson – Advocate, QLD
  • Mina Hunt – Advocate, QLD
  • Ilona Wildauer – Advocate, QLD
  • Kien Tang – Advocate, NSW
  • Matthew Langman – Advocate, NSW
  • Robin Turnham – Advocate, NSW
  • Jessica Bell – Advocate, NSW
  • Ted Jensen – Advocate QLD
  • Dorothy Catts – Advocate NSW
  • Margot McKnight – Advocate (NDIS Appeals) QLD
  • Natalie McMullen – Advocate NSW

Corporate Services

  • Karin Waldmann – Director – People, Quality & Systems
  • Maja Bulut – Operations Manager
  • Andrew Emmerson – Finance & IT Support Officer
  • Leanne Wrightson – Governance & Compliance Officer
  • Sue Strasser – Reception & Administration Officer
  • Jana Dolezalova – Reception & Administration Officer


  • El Gibbs – Director, Media and Communications
  • Ben Crompton – Communications Coordinator
  • Maggie Korenblium – Communications Assistant
  • Adriana Malavisi – Communications Assistant


  • Kate Finch – Director, Strategic Projects & Organisational Development
  • Polly Seymour – Project Officer
  • Freya Higgins – Project Officer: Violence Prevention
  • Ashleigh Ottaway – Project Officer
  • Andrew Stensel – Enable In Manager
  • Tamanna Rahman – Connection Coordinator
  • Linda Wiseham – Connection Coordinator
  • Alicia Bairle – Wayfinder Hub Manager
  • Garry Oates – Information and Referral Officer
  • David Skidmore – Allocations Officer
  • Alison Champion – Information and Referral Officer
  • Karen Kobier – Information and Referral Officer
  • Sunil Fernando – Disability Housing Advocacy Manager
  • Rebecca Rongotaua – Information and Referral Officer
  • Annie Piper – Advocate