Our Staff

Co-Chief Executive Officers

Matthew Bowden

Matthew is an experienced and passionate advocate dedicated to human rights and advocacy for people with disability.

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Therese Sands

Therese Sands has worked for 25 years in education, policy development, capacity building and advocacy in the area of disability and human rights.

Therese’s passion for human rights began at the Australian Human Rights Commission where she worked on the awareness campaign for the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth). Through her work, she has gained extensive theoretical and practical experience of United Nations (UN) human rights mechanisms, and how to use UN mechanisms to further domestic advocacy for the rights of people with disability.

Therese has a Master of Human Rights Law and Policy, and won the University of NSW Law School Public Defender’s Prize in 2012. She is a Life Member of People with Disability Australia (PWDA) and a member of Women With Disabilities Australia (WWDA).

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Systemic Advocacy, Research and Training

  • Romola Hollywood – Director Policy and Advocacy
  • Samantha French – Senior Policy Officer,  Employment and Accessibility Follow on Twitter
  • Dr Meg Clement-Couzner – Senior Policy Officer, Violence Prevention Follow on Twitter
  • Giancarlo de Vera – Senior Policy Officer
  • Francis Quan Farrant – Senior Research Policy Officer Follow on Twitter
  • Mel Harrison – Training Manager. Follow on Twitter Follow on Twitter

Individual Advocacy

  • Stephen Kilkeary – Director, Individual and Group Advocacy NSW
  • Tracey Moffatt – Director, Individual Advocacy (QLD and Regional NSW)
  • Jen Ruse – Advocacy Manager and NDIS Appeals, NSW
  • Gareth Elliott – Advocate, NSW
  • Luke Gale – Advocate & Manager, QLD
  • Stephin Hargreave – Advocate, NSW
  • Leonie Hazelton – Advocate, NSW
  • Lizzie Blue – Advocate, NSW
  • Lee-Anne Pringle – Advocate, QLD
  • Natalie Ross – Advocate, NSW
  • Grace Stevenson – Advocate, QLD
  • Mina Hunt – Advocate, QLD
  • Ilona Wildauer – Advocate, QLD
  • Kien Tang – Advocate, NSW
  • Matthew Langman – Advocate, NSW
  • Robin Turnham – Advocate, NSW
  • Jessica Bell – Advocate, NSW
  • Ted Jensen – Advocate QLD
  • Dorothy Catts – Advocate NSW
  • Margot McKnight – Advocate (NDIS Appeals) QLD

Corporate Services

  • Karin Waldmann – Director – People, Quality & Systems
  • Maja Bulut – Operations Manager
  • Andrew Emmerson – Finance & IT Support Officer
  • Leanne Wrightson – Governance & Compliance Officer
  • Sue Strasser – Reception & Administration Officer


  • El Gibbs – Director, Media and Communications
  • Ben Crompton – Communications Coordinator
  • Maggie Korenblium – Communications Assistant


  • Kate Finch – Director, Strategic Projects & Organisational Development
  • Polly Seymour – Project Officer: Violence Prevention
  • Freya Higgins – Project Officer: Violence Prevention
  • Ashleigh Ottaway – Project Officer
  • Andrew Stensel – Enable In Manager
  • Tamanna Rahman – Connection Coordinator
  • Linda Wiseham – Connection Coordinator
  • Alicia Bairle – Wayfinder Hub Manager
  • Garry Oates – Information and Referral Officer
  • David Skidmore – Allocations Officer
  • Alison Champion – Information and Referral Officer
  • Karen Kobier – Information and Referral Officer
  • Sunil Fernando – Disability Housing Advocacy Manager
  • Rebecca Rongotaua – Information and Referral Officer