Achieving financial independence

Close up of a man sitting at a desk in an office with the background blurred behind him. He is smiling slightly, with head leaning slightly to the side and is wearing a denim collared shirt.

John was diagnosed with a cognitive impairment and a neurological disorder and subjected to a financial management order.

John received the Disability Support Pension and had modest savings in a Trustee and Guardian (T&G) Trust Account but paid more in account fees than he received in interest.

In 2014 the NSW Trustee and Guardian approved John to manage his pension and bills, but when he applied for review of the financial management order, the application was dismissed.

How PWDA helped

In 2021, John requested support from a PWDA advocate to help him try again.

With a new written submission to the tribunal outlining grounds for the revocation, and supporting John negotiate the various stage of the hearing, the financial management order was finally revoked, with one tribunal member commenting it was “time to move on.”

How to get help

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