Legal affairs

A young male wheelchair user out the front of his house in the driveway after collecting the mail.

Jeremy is a man with disability who was living in supported accommodation through the numerous COVID-19 shutdowns but had suffered a wide range of abuse and harm in the place.

During one lockdown, his siblings also attempted to take financial advantage by putting a house he had inherited on the market without his consent and cutting him off from his supports.

How PWDA helped

Needing a great deal of support when Jeremy’s case was brought to PWDA, we secured emergency accommodation and sent incident reports to the Queensland Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) and Department of Housing and Public Works (DHPW), which escalated an investigation into the previous accommodation provider.

We also informed the OPG and Public Trustee of Queensland (PT) to ensure Jeremy was given legal support, and as a result, the sale of his house was blocked. PWDA continues to support him in establishing a secure future.

How to get help

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