The last resort

Close up of an older woman, staring directly at the camera and smiling a subdued smile. She has grey hair, wearing glasses and 2 different green tops.

Judy volunteered for a NDIS independent assessment due to the barriers she faced with her NDIS access request.

Judy’s condition had been stable since her brain surgery 20 years ago but was left with a debilitating neurological condition she found many of her family and friends did not understand.

She eventually was sleeping in her car until she could afford to pay rent again.

When the pilot for independent NDIS assessments came up, she was rejected.

Later, she suffered a fall, hospitalised and again became homeless.

How PWDA helped

A PWDA advocate helped Judy to engage with local and state funded services that provided her with weekly supports and access to an occupational therapist.

She continues to focus on recovering from her injury and plans to work with PWDA once she feels ready to embark on a new round of assessments associated with the NDIS appeal process.

How to get help

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