A safe place

Stan and Allie find a safe place, with support and community access after reaching out to PWDA.
[IMAGE Two people standing closely together outside on a partly cloudy day, the person on the left is holding a white cane and is wearing glasses]

Stan and Allie are both vision-impaired and had been moved from one temporary home to another, until they were finally forced to live together in an abusive environment where neither of them felt safe.

After enduring a series of threats from another housemate, the distressed couple turned to PWDA to help with their dire situation.

How PWDA helped

Our advocates stepped in to help Stan and Allie live independently in a new home with the support and community access they needed.

Allie wanted support from a range of resources to recover from the effects of the trauma. PWDA advocates listen and supported the couple through the NDIS process, to access a plan that allowed them to be included in the wider community.

The improvement in both their physical and mental wellbeing was remarkable, and they continue to live happily and safely in their own home.

How to get help

Our advocates and support staff are here to support you with any issues you may be experiencing.

For support or more information, call and speak with one of our advocates on 1800 422 015 or visit our Get Help page.

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