Better off without them

After abuse and facing eviction, Andy used PWDA support to prepare and represent himself in court.
A young man standing and looking out the window in an old country house. He is weraing a hat and a hooded jumper.

Andy lived in an independent specialist disability accommodation (SDA) unit, accessing shared supported independant living (SIL) supports.

His SIL provider reported issues associated with his alleged ‘challenging behaviour’ and withdrew support. The provider issued an eviction notice, giving Andy only 24 hours’ to vacate.

The SDA provider called for a meeting with Andy to discuss his eviction through the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal process.

How PWDA helped

One of our advocates helped Andy to prepare for and represent himself in the meeting with the SDA provider.

By the day of the meeting, Andy had stopped all ‘challenging behaviours,’ and so the SDA provider decided it would be inappropriate to evict him. It was finally revealed Andy had been abused on various occasions by the SIL provider.

PWDA also helped Andy with an NDIS planning meeting. Andy is now helping us with webinars about the rights of people with disability in shared accommodation, and peer support groups.

How to get help

Our advocates and support staff are here to help you with any issues you may be experiencing.

For support or more information, call and speak with one of our advocates on 1800 422 015 or visit our Get Help page.

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