Building a support network

Living with multiple impacts from disability, Marco found support from PWDA to create a plan that suited his situation.
Man taking a selfie photo, as seen from his camera view, and smiling happily. In the background, a path can be seen which continues up the mountain he is on next to the ocean.

A young man with disability, Marco spent years fleeing family violence which resulted in stints of homelessness and surviving multiple suicide attempts.

He finally managed to secure short-term accommodation funded through his NDIS plan, but due to a change in his circumstances, Marco had limited informal supports.

How PWDA helped

Marco approached PWDA seeking advocacy support and quickly accessed the specialist advocacy support he needed.

Marco and his advocate used video conferencing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to meet regularly to discuss his situation and create a plan that suited his situation.

During their sessions, they both created a clear agenda of tasks, including other important supports for his life, such as his support coordinator and behaviour support practitioner.

How to get help

Our advocates and support staff are here to help you with any issues you may be experiencing.

For support or more information, call and speak with one of our advocates on 1800 422 015 or visit our Get Help page.

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