The quest for freedom

Woman sitting alone and looking out a closed window covered with a sheer curtain. She is in a wheelchair with her arms resting on the arms of the wheelchair.

Against her will, Maria, a woman with disability, was placed in residential aged care by the public guardian.

She was not permitted to leave except for occasional supervised outings.

Management of the aged care facility submitted an application for Maria to join the NDIS but she was refused access.

How PWDA helped

Maria was assigned a PWDA advocate, who submitted a more thorough application, with more detailed supporting evidence.

This time, Maria’s application was successful and with a new NDIS plan, she was able to participate in community activities with the assistance of support workers.

The plan also paid for a specialised support coordinator to explore housing options.

When a supported accommodation home was found, Maria transferred from the nursing home to a new place of residence.

How to get help

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