I want to be a member

Picture of a person pointing at themselves.

I want to be a member with People with Disability Australia.

Person with a question mark on their face.

Who can be a Member?

Person in a wheelchair.

You need to

  • see your self as a person with a disability


A picture of Australia with the number 18 inside it.
  • live in Australia
  • be over 18 years old.
Picture of a form with numbers and people on it.

Become a member

You will get information about

  • things we do
  • our meetings.
A hand dropping a piece of paper into a box.

You can come to any of our meetings

You can vote for who runs our group.

Hand showing pieces of paper with writing on them. Two people stand smiling.

You can

  • stand for election to help run our group
  • tell us someone you think can help.

Ask us for the rules.

Screenshot of part of the PWDA website. Text reads 'Become a member. As a member of PWDA you will be contributing to the work we do. The Access Easy English logo is at the bottom of the picture.

This is based on information in the People with Disability website.

Access Easy English wrote the Easy English. November 2018.