Joint Submission to the Technology Assisted Voting Review

People with Disability Australia has endorsed Blind Citizens Australia’s submission to the Technology Assisted Voting Review.

People who are blind or vision impaired have a right to democratic participation.

In order to provide equal access to voting to all voters who are blind or vision impaired, and to improve the electoral participation of people with disability in future elections, the submission makes the following recommendations:

  1. That the NSW Electoral Commission commits to the development of a Technology Assisted Voting (TAV) system that provides multiple options for voters who are blind or vision impaired to vote independently, secretly and verifiably; to be made available for future NSW elections.
  2. That any TAV system implemented in NSW provides a voting platform that can accommodate different accessibility requirements at the same time as ensuring security and performance.
  3. That the blind and vision impaired community, and the broader disability community, is consulted and involved in the development and implementation of any such system to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Read the full submission here: PDF | Word document