People with Disability Australia welcomes new local government Disability Guide

People with Disability Australia (PWDA) today welcomed the release of the Australian Local Government Association’s (ALGA) new Disability Guide. The updated guide assists local governments to include people with disability in all parts of their work and helps councils meet their requirements under the National Disability Strategy (NDS).

“Local governments across Australia are crucial in making our communities more accessible for people with disability,” said PWDA President Bonnie Millen. “The guide shows the key steps to working with people with disability to create more equal communities.”

The guide, Disability Inclusion Planning – A Guide for Local Government provides information and tools for councils to help them develop and implement inclusive policies and practices that ensure people with disability have equal access to services and facilities in their local government areas. The updated guide includes case studies, checklists, and toolkits which provide practical advice to councils to help them develop or update their Disability Inclusion Action Plans.

“As the guide says, accessible communities are also essential to older people and families making this a vital tool for local governments. Our public spaces are for everyone and integrating inclusive design into all parts of our communities ensures that everyone’s needs are catered for,” said Ms Millen.

“The ALGA is to be congratulated for this guide that covers both policy and legislation, and showcases how local government works around Australia with people with disability to make our communities inclusive for the whole community.”

PWDA works with local government across Australia to deliver tailored training in disability awareness and building disability inclusion skills.

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